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Yamaha Player Piano ... MX-100B U1Disklavier Upright Excellent condition
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Gently used Yamaha Disklavier Upright Player Piano! A superb acoustic piano crafted by Yamaha with a difference.

The Disklavier is designed for teachers, students, professional musician and also for family entertainment. Incorporated into the Disklavier piano is Yamaha technology that allows it to play itself with pre-recorded 3.5" micro-floppy disks from the Yamaha PianoSoft Library (13 disks - 189 song titles included). Or, record and play back your own performances, capturing every nuance of touch and style. Any selection can be played back in a variety of keys at the touch of a button. With the transposition function, a recorded performance can be transposed into any key, or one to two octaves up or down from the original key. Dynamic volume and tempo are also fully adjustable.

The Disklavier come equipped with a multi-function remote control, and is equipped with Musical Instrument Digital Interface (MIDI) and can be connected to MIDI compatible digital instruments, synthesizers, sequencers and computers.
Price: $4,800.00
Flexibility: Negotiable
Seller Information: Private Party
Other Details: Includes Manuals and original papers. Also 13 PianoSoft Disks (189 titles- over a $260 value)
Payment Methods: Visa, Paypal, Cash, Check
Type: Disklavier Player Piano
Manufacturer: Yamaha
Model #: MX-100B
Condition: Excellent
Color: Black
Finish: Polished Ebony
Weight: 511lbs.
Dimensions: 50"H, 59"W, 24"D
Built in contol panel-3.5" micro floppy disk: yes
Built in MIDI In & Out Jacks: yes
Year: 1990 - Hamamatsu, Japan
Yamaha PianoSoft disks/Artist & Song titles: 13 disks/189 titles
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